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  • Instant Vegetable Soup 'N Stock - "Best stock for vegetarian soups & gravies"


    A concentrate without palm oil, made with organic vegetables and our special, nutritional yeast extract that adds the Vitamin B complex and complete protein to your meals. Adds hearty flavor to Soups, Stews, Potatoes and Rice Dishes, Steamed Vegetables,… Enhances  every dish with flavor and nutritional value –   Try it in Dips and Dressings!

    Robert P. says: The best broth!
    No other broth compares in flavor or ingredients and as it is a concentrate - goes a long way, too.

    Linda D says:
    Best stock for vegetarian soups & gravies
    If you're cooking vegetarian, get this stock! It gives a robust flavor to soups, gravies, bean dishes....add a pinch or add a tablespoon, depending on the recipe. You won't regret this. I won't use any other brand - vegetarian since 1984 and tried just about every instant vegetable stock on the US market. This is it!!!

    Ingredients : Hydrolyzed Non-GMO Corn Protein, Nutritional Yeast Extract, NON hydrogenated Sunflower Oil*, Carrots* Leeks*, Onions*, Parsley*, Celery*, Sea Salt,  natural Spices* 

    5.25 oz. Jar provides 30 Servings @ 20¢