For healthy, delicious and all natural vegan meals!

Organic Vegetable Bouillon Cubes


Exceptionally rich flavor without MSG, HVP or hydrogenated oils! Vegan and made with non-hydrogenated organic palm (fruit) oil, sustainably harvested. Use as a base for stews, soups and gravies. Add flavor to rice, pasta and potato dishes. Drink straight as a nourishing tea. A cup of broth before a meal activates the digestion and help feeling full sooner.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Maize (Corn) Starch*, sustainably harvested NON-hydrogenated Palm Fruit Oil*, Nutritional Yeast Extract, Leeks*, Carrots*, Tomatoes*, Spices* (Nutmeg*, Garlic*, Turmeric*), Herbs* (Lovage Leaves*, Parsley*, Celery Leaves*) Onions*

*From certified organic production, certified organic by IMO, CH-BIO-004. 

Box of 8 extra large Cubes of makes 16 Servings – 88 g / 3.10 oz