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  • Instant Wild Mushroom Soup 'N Stock

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    Real mushroom flavor - the taste of forests and meadows… Another delicious concentrate that turns any gravy, stir-fry, soup or “meat –loaf” into a gourmet dish.

    Tania M. says: Wild Mushroom Soup 'N Stock - love it!!!!  I use it in soups, rice, pasta water. I even use it to reconstitute the corn masa when I make vegetarian tamales. Sooooo yummy. The mushroom blend is amazing.

    Ingredients : Hydrolyzed Non-GMO Corn Protein, Nutritional Yeast Extract, NON-hydrogenated Sunflower Oil*, Wildcrafted Mushrooms (Bobolis Etolis), Parsley*, Spices*, Natural Flavoring. *certified organic

    5.25 oz Jar provides 30 Servings @ 20¢