For healthy, delicious and all natural vegan meals!

Healthy Choices for Nutritious Living

Elke Heitmeyer had an idea. After she became a vegetarian in 1990, she saw the need for products that would create healthy and delicious meals “in a flash”. She also learned how important it is to the health of farmers, consumers and the future of life on our planet to support organic growing and processing methods. In her research she found THE ORGANIC GOURMET in Germany and decided to introduce them to the U.S. market.

Elke likes working with the producers in Germany, because they adhere to highest standards of purity and health consciousness in their products, while being very supportive of their employees. Of course they never use GMOs.

Elke dedicates some of her free time and money to environmental activism, as preserving the natural world is a passion of hers.

THE ORGANIC GOURMET hopes you will enjoy the products in your own kitchen and wishes you

“Guten Appetit”